March Madness

MADNESS…….It is about to consume a large percent of the world tomorrow.  Billions of brackets being filled out as I type.  Bets upon bets will be placed on this yearly event.  Exciting , yet, unnerving if you have a so called dog in the fight.

Whether you are a 1 or a 16 seed……YOU HAVE A CHANCE.  Anything can happen in this month of madness.

Office water coolers will be the center point for employees around the world during the first 2 days of this tournament.  Trust me…..been there and done that.  The first 2 days should be a national holiday.  There will be more conversations, debates, and arguments over who will when the match ups.  Exciting!

My winner will be either of the 2…..KENTUCKY or UCLA!!!

Cheers to the champ!


The show that ended too soon

T.V……We all love it.  Finding a show, by coincidence, and immediately becoming entangled in its plot  That just happened to me as I searched through my Roku device.  Carnivale was the choice that I decided to dive into.

From the opening of the show to the end…..fantastic!

The character depth that is shown in this series is phenomenal.  Each actor/actress brought their characters role to light.  Whether that be good or evil.  Each was demonstrated with true passion.

Without giving to many details I will say this….go watch it.  You will not be disappointed other than when the show ends.  You will be begging for more.


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